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4-H Military Partnerships

4-H Military Partnerships

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2017 NAE4-HA 4-H Military Partnerships Award


2017 Partnership Award Recipient - Drescher


The 4-H Military Partnerships honor an individual or team each year with the NAE4-HA 4-H Military Partnerships Award. The 2017 recipient was Beth Drescher, former County 4-H Agent in Sedgwick County, Beth received the NAE4-HA Military Partnerships Award at the NAE4-HA Conference on November 16, 2017, for her support of military connected youth and their families in Kansas. Beth's passion and dedication to serving military youth and families had an impact in Sedgwick County and also at McConnell Air Force Base.

Beth’s desire for positive youth development has resulted in a very strong program at McConnell Air Force Base. As one of Beth’s collaborators stated, “With Beth’s involvement in our program we have become the ‘model’ for other Air Force installations on how to create partnerships with local 4-H program offices.” Each year, the McConnell 4-H members have 75 to 100 exhibits entered at the county fair, with many qualifying for exhibition at the Kansas State Fair. “It is always a treat to have the McConnell 4-H members visit the county fair to have their exhibits judged and to interact with other 4-Her’s.”

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