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4-H Military Partnerships

4-H Military Partnerships

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2016 NAE4-HA 4-H Military Partnerships Award


2017 NAE4-HA recipient


Brent Broaddus, was the recipient of the 2016 NAE4-HA Military Partnership Award at the NAE4-HA Conference on October 13, 2016, for his support of military connected youth and their families in Florida and Europe. Brent has been instrumental in establishing 4-H clubs at MacDill Air Force Base and connecting geographically dispersed military youth with 4-H in Hillsborough County. Brent’s professional development trainings in Europe span five countries and eleven Air Force bases, providing unique professional development experiences and resources for Air Force Youth Programs staff. Brent’s enthusiasm for science and communication was captured in a statement from a MacDill parent: “4-H has made my daughter question a lot more and always ask the question ‘Why?’ and 'How does that work?’ I have a more inquisitive and science aware daughter because of 4-H!” Brent’s dedication to military youth and families, commitment to excellence, and attention to detail is exemplary. Congratulations Brent!



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