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4-H Military Partnerships

4-H Military Partnerships

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4-H Military Partnerships


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Congratulations Chesley Davis! 

2015 NAE4HA Award


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Arizona DoD Child and Youth Reintegration Support Camp

Arizona DoD Child and Youth Reintegration Support Camp

University of Wisconsin - DoD Reintegration Support Camp

 Pennsylvania DoD Military Kid Strong Camp










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Congratulations Melodie Skillman- Friend of Extension Award, Sedgwick County, Kansas

melodie skillmanThe Sedgwick County Extension 4-H Program in Kansas is pleased to honor Melodie Skillman as the recipient of the 2015 Friend of Extension. Melodie, the School Age Center Director, has been a partner, collaborator, and the driving force behind the McConnell Air Force Base after-school 4-H program for more than 15 years, building a high-quality 4-H program that other bases emulate. Melodie and her staff host visitors from other bases who want to learn how to make their 4-H program successful. At training sessions, she and her staff field questions about “how” and “what” to do with 4-H. Military 4-H programs benefit from her expertise and willingness to share. The secret to Melodie’s success is hard work and consistency. She works constantly making sure her staff understand why 4-H is important for the youth in her program and how to make the most impact possible. She reviews every 4-H lesson to ensure it meets her high standards, as well as consulting regularly with the McConnell Air Force Base staff trainer to see how 4-H can be integrated into more aspects of the after-school program. Melodie supports her staff so they can attend monthly 3-hour 4-H training sessions throughout the school year. She looks for opportunities for the youth to participate in off-base 4-H activities with other 4-Hers from the community.





Maryland 4-H Welcomes Teens From Across the Globe

Ever wonder what it would be like to answer the question "Where are you from?" A sometimes difficult question to answer when you are a military teen. Worldwide, 4-H has a presence on military bases as a way to support youth who move frequently. Maryland 4-H, through the Navy/4-H Military Partnerships, held a 4-H STEM camp for military youth from across the globe. This article shares how OCONUS youth could submit for an opportunity to attend the NAVY 4-H STEM camp and interact with other local Maryland 4-Hers at the GEAR facility.