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Ready, Set, Go! (RSG) Manual

The Ready, Set, Go! Manual is the cornerstone of Operation: Military Kids. This manual is used by state teams when conducting trainings for community members in the issues facing military kids experiencing a deployment. The manual contains chapters such as Military Culture, Dealing with the Media, and The Deployment Process.

RSG! Manual - 8th Edition




Table of Contents    


Chapter 1: Introduction to Ready, Set, Go!

Chapter 1 Slides

Chapter 2: Military Culture  

Chapter 2 Slides

Chapter 3: OMK Framework

Chapter 3 Slides

Chapter 4: OMK Partners

Chapter 4 Slides

Chapter 5: The Emotional Cycle of Deployment

Chapter 5 Slides

Chapter 6: Stress and Coping Strategies

Chapter 6 Slides

Chapter 7: Impact of Grief and Loss

Chapter 7 Slides

Chapter 8: Fostering Resilience

Chapter 8 Slides

Chapter 9: Understanding the Influence of Media

Chapter 9 Slides

Chapter 10: Step Up to Action

Chapter 10 Slides

Chapter 11: OMK Support Tools

Chapter 11 Slides

Appendix A: Ready, Set, Go! Training - Read Ahead Materials 


Appendix B: OMK Journal

Appendix B Slides

Implementation Guide

Appendix C Slides