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Burpee Seed Welcome Home Garden Project


burpee seed welcome home packet pic


For the last 3 years, Burpee Seed has sponsored the Welcome Home Garden program. Each pouch contains 12 packets of seeds (3 flowers and 9 vegetable) and a recipe flyer.

The emphasis for seed distribution is Veterans. Although, pouches of seed packets can also be given to service members returning from deployment and their families, and youth centers and programs that will plant the seeds in honor of veterans and service members. Gardens can be planted and produce given to military families or engage them in gardening as well. Veterans homes have also used the seeds to plant gardens and harvest the produce for the home, sometimes in partnership with a youth program from an installation. Many states have Extension gardening programs, resources, and materials that can be shared with those planting the gardens. Some states have partnered with Master Gardeners for Welcome Home Gardening projects. There are lots of ways to use the seeds to honor military service members and veterans.


2015 Burpee Seed Pollinator Project

2014 Burpee Seed Welcome Home Garden Project

2013 Burpee Seed Welcome Home Garden Project

2012 Burpee Seed Welcome Home Garden Project

indiana welcome home


Indiana Welcome Home Garden

Seeds from Burpee Seed Company were offered to each state. Below is how Indiana used the seed packets they received.