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4-H Military Partnerships

4-H Military Partnerships

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Extension 4-H Military Liaisons...4-H's Link to Military Programs

To coordinate statewide 4-H military efforts, State 4-H Leaders have designated a 4-H Youth Development professional to serve as a liaison between Army, Air Force and Navy installations, National Guard and Reserve Units, county 4-H staff, state Extension administration, and 4-H National Headquarters. These Extension 4-H Military Liaisons are the official point of contact for all 4-H military programs and issues in their state.

Extension 4-H Military Liaisons coordinate support to 4-H clubs and opportunities on and off military installations that serve military youth. Liaisons educate university staff and citizens to the unique challenges faced by military children. Extension 4-H Military Liaisons in Maryland, Alaska, Florida, and Hawaii have developed partnerships to sponsor 4-H clubs on overseas installations. These overseas 4-H members are part of the host state 4-H program and have access to conferences, recognition and other opportunities. The states recognize these youth in their State 4-H programs.

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For a list of Extension 4-H Military Liaisons, click the link below.

Extension 4-H Military Liaisons


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