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4-H Military Partnerships

4-H Military Partnerships

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Other Curriculum Resources

Extension Offices are based within each county or parish through the U.S. Each Extension website has a variety of curriculum guides, and other downloadable guides related to 4-H and 4-H curriculum. Check with your Extension 4-H Military Liaison.

Utah State Cooperative Extension

Discover 4-H Guides - This is a free, downloadable guide to getting started with 4-H. Each guide has 6 club meetings with simple, introductory activities. Complete instructions on how to get started, fair entries, etc. are included. In addition, there are non-consumable materials totes available. 

Camping Guide

Operation: Military Kids Resources

Operation: Military Kids is the US Army's effort to partner with America's communities to support the children of deployed Service Members throughout the United States.  Operation: Military Kids curriculum serves a variety of purposes to help communities support these children.

Deployment: It's Not a Game - Iowa OMK

Iowa's Speak Out for Military Youth created "Deployment: It's Not a Game" to increase awareness about the deployment cycle. As players move through the game, it serves as a tool to get them thinking and talking about the impact of deployment on military kids and families.

Discover the Fun - A Day Camp Resource - Missouri OMK

Missouri's OMK Team developed a curriculum manual for use with Hero Day Camps for military youth from 8 - 13 years of age. The curriculum is focused on two of the National 4-H mission mandates and emphasizes deployment and reintegration.

Experience, Operation: Military Kids

"Experience, Operation: Military Kids" contains a number of activity plans that can be easily and quickly implemented in a variety of settings for youth ages kindergarten through twelfth grade.

Hero Packs Guide

Hero Packs serve as a tangible expression of support for military families from their communities and OMK Partners. Hero Packs are backpacks filled by non-military youth with momentos and items designed to help connect kids with their deployed parent.

Mobile Technology Lab Resources - Indiana MTL Manual

The manual provides an overview of the Mobile Technology Lab (MTL) and its general use as well as packing and repacking. 

Deployment Cycle Support Yellow Ribbon Youth Outreach Curriculum

The OMK Deployment Cycle Youth Outreach Activity guides provide easy to use activity plans for volunteers and Military, Child & Youth professional staff working with youth kindergarten through 12th grade from all Service Branches; keyed to grade appropriate life skills development and developed for 2 hr and 4 hr settings. 

OMK Implementation Guide

This OMK Implementation Guide is a companion piece to the Operation: Military Kids (OMK) Ready, Set, Go! Training and Resource Manual. The purpose of this guide is to support OMK State Teams and Partners as they work together to support military kids through OMK programming in their state.

Operation: Boots Off

The objective of the Operation: Boots Off curriculum is to prepare kids for the return of their Service Member - a stressful time for any military Family. Operation: Boots Off helps young people map out and implement individualized plans that will assist them in navigating the Reunion and Reintegration process in a meaningful and educational way.

Operation: Boots On

The objective of the Operation: Boots On Experience is to introduce Military Families to the Military deployment cycle. While the deployment 
cycle is a stressful time for any Military Family, quite often Military children and youth do not understand the events that are taking place. With this in 
mind, Operation: Boots On introduces Military and non-Military youth to the deployment cycle. From the initial orders to deploy, to immunizations, to the 
mission work, to the homecoming, youth can experience the deployment cycle in a meaningful and educational way. Operation: Boots On is 
designed to reduce the stress experienced by young people during their parent’s deployment.

Ready, Set, Go! (RSG) Manual

The Ready, Set, Go! Manual is the cornerstone of Operation: Military Kids. This manual is used by state teams when conducting trainings for community members in the issues facing military kids experiencing a deployment. The manual contacts chapters such as Military Culture, Dealing with the Media, and The Deployment Process. 

Risk Management Safety Tool

The Rick Management Safety Tool provides information regarding risk management and safety tools for military kids camps.

Speak Out for Military Kids

Speak Out For Military Kids (SOMK) is a core program of Operation: Military Kids.  Essentially SOMK is a youth led speakers bureau than incorporates both military and non-military youth.  The purpose of the program is to empower youth with the knowledge, life skills and abilities to educate communities and groups to the effects of deployments on military kids.  This manual provides training ideas to begin an SOMK program in your state or community.