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Air Force Teen Council

The mission of the Air Force Teen Council (AFTC) is to advocate for military youth and teens around the world, foster communication with military leadership and enact positive change in the community. The AFTC is a comprised of a network of teens who work together to identify and resolve military teen issues and voice concerns to the highest levels of AF leadership.

4-H supports and naturally fits into several already ongoing Air Force Youth Programs activities, such as: Teen Councils, Youth of the Year, Youth Employment Skills, Congressional Award, Youth Camping Programs and the Air Force Teen Movement Projects.

The Teen Movement Projects occur quarterly and address a military teen issue that has been identified by the Air Force Teen Council. Previous AFTM Projects themes included: Health, Fitness & Nutrition, STEM Programs, College Preparation and Career Development, Stress Management, Volunteer and Outreach efforts, Youth Sponsorship, Community Support, and many more.

Click here to learn more about the upcoming Air Force Teen Movement Projects and how 4-H can collaborate to support these efforts or contact your local Air Force Youth Programs.