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4-H 101: The Basics of Starting a 4-H Club

4-H 101 cover


The newly revised 4-H 101 is designed to be a general overview and resource guide for youth development staff or volunteers who are starting new 4-H clubs or working with existing clubs.  4-H 101 merges the basic concepts and principles of effective youth development delivered in a non-formal (out of school) setting with the "nuts and bolts" information needed to manage a 4-H program.

In addition, there is on-line training for 4-H 101 available. Please click here for more information.


Lesson 1 Introducing Youth Development

Lesson 2 The Essential Elements of 4-H Youth Development

Lesson 3 The Organizational Structure and History of 4-H

Lesson 4 Understanding the Culture of 4-H

Lesson 5 Understanding 4-H Youth Development Delivery

Lesson 6 Life Skills and the Experiential Learning Model

Lesson 7 Knowing and Using 4-H Curricula

Lesson 8 Putting the Experiential Learning Model to Practice

Lesson 9 4-H Club Basics

Lesson 10 Starting 4-H Clubs

Lesson 11 Conducting Club Meetings

Lesson 12 Planning the 4-H Club Year

Lesson 13 Marketing 4-H Clubs

Lesson 14 Recruiting, Training and Recognizing Volunteers

Lesson 15 Recognizing 4-H'ers Accomplishments

Lesson 16 Making Action Plans

Appendix References

Appendix Lesson 1

Appendix Lesson 2

Appendix Lesson 3

Appendix Lesson 4

Appendix Lesson 5

Appendix Lesson 6

Appendix Lesson 7

Appendix Lesson 8

Appendix Lesson 9

Appendix Lesson 10

Appendix Lesson 11

Appendix Lesson 12

Appendix Lesson 13

Appendix Lesson 14

Appendix Lesson 15

Appendix Lesson 16

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