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4-H Military Partnerships

4-H Military Partnerships

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Webinar Resources

Intersections of Resilience and Vulnerability: A Study of Over 1000 Youth in Military Families* - December 11, 2014

Jay A. Mancini and Catherine W. O’Neal**

Resources Supporting Webinar

Bowen, G.L, Martin, J.A., and Mancini, J.A.; "The Resilience of Military Families: Theoretical Perspectives"

Huebner, A.J., Mancini, J.A., Bowen, G.L., and Orthner, D.K.; "Shadowed by War: Building Community Capacity to Support Military Families"

Huebner, A.J., Mancini, J.A., Wilcox, R.M., Grass, S.R., and Grass, G.A.; "Parental Deployment and  Youth in Military Families: Exploring Uncertainty and Ambiguous Loss"

Lucier-Greer, M., Arnold, A.L., Grimsley, R.N., Ford, J.L., Bryant, C., and Mancini, J.A.; "Parental Military Service and Adolescent Well-being: Mental health, Social Connections and Coping Among Youth in the USA"

Lucier-Greer, M., O'Neal, C.W., Arnold, A.L., Mancini, J.A., Wickrama, K.K.A.S.; "Adolescent Mental Health and Academic Function: Empirical Support for Contrasting Models of Risk and Vulnerability"

Mancini, J.A. and Bowen, G.L.; "Families and Communities: A Social Organization Theory of Action and Change"

Mancini, J.A., Arnold, A.L., Martin, J.A., and Bowen, G.L.; "Community and Primary Prevention"